In Case of Emergency: Eat Pie

Imagine a cute little house in the mountains with a drive-up window where you can pull up, give a friendly honk or ring the bell, and satisfy your craving for pie—either by the slice or the whole sumptuous thing. It’s not a fantasy that’s too good to be true—it really exists. Three years ago, self-proclaimed hippie-chick chef Sherry Kent opened Showboat’s Drive By Pie in Granby, Colorado.

This summer we vacationed in Colorado, and as we drove through Granby on Highway 40, we almost overlooked the little Drive By Pie sign with an arrow pointing north. Wait…did that sign say what we think it said? It was late afternoon, and Sherry’s place closes at 2:30, so, alas, we were left salivating. The next day, though, we were on a mission to fulfill our pie dreams. Upon arriving and meeting Sherry, we discovered, though, that her applie pie with green chilis is famous and sells out pretty early in the day. Well, we are still talking pie, so a second choice isn’t too difficult to make. We drove away deliriously happy, slices of delicious pumpkin and blueberry pie in hand.

What’s the latest addition to my culinary bucket list? Sherry’s green chili apple pie, of course!

Of course there’s such a thing as a pie emergency!

Showboat's Drive by Pie on Urbanspoon

© Sherry Burns and, 2012.


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